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                        Talent idea
                        "Days of the culvert, land, people of education", accommodate to three to one, is permeated with a green vitality of nature. Among the three, human at all. Talent is the decisive power of firm growth, the progress of talent will help companies to grow. Ling Ming emperor adhere to people-oriented, people do all it can, talents
                        Investment in people, fair and open, peer performance, lifelong learning, seven core values, adhere to the industry and the social reinforce ran, and enjoy the achievement of company employees, motivate employees to strive.
                        People oriented
                        We think everyone is a talent, people have no differences in status, only different responsibilities. We respect every talent, encouraged to raise their ability!
                        Morality oriented
                        As the most fundamental and most important professional quality, moral character is a person all the ability to guide and foundation. Various risks everywhere, and therefore have higher requirements on the operation and management. We need a strong sense of responsibility, good style, fine to do good business only.
                        Excellent team
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